Water Protection Plan

The Authority’s Source Water Protection Reports (Giddings, Todd, P.G. (2007) Source Water Protection Plan for Milford Water Authority) are available at the Milford Water Authority Office.  They include a detailed study of the groundwater geology of the Sawkill Creek drainage area that feeds the springs that provide our water, plus guidelines for protection of our water supply.  (Please see links below to access the Authority’s  SWPP.  The Plan is in two parts.)

In 2013, the Authority joined in the Pike County Source Water collaborative.  The purpose of the collaborative is to have a joint effort to protect the waters of Pike County and to educate the residents on how to protect these waters.

The Authority purchased 14 additional acres of land which adjoins its land at it’s treatment plant facility.

The purchase of land strengthens the commitment of the Authority‘s Source Water Protection Program established in 2000.

In 2018, the Authority joined with Dingman Township and updated the Sawkill Creek Watershed Ordinance to ensure that the springs that supply the drinking water for 2,400 residents remains protected.


SWPP (1)02122018

SWPP (2)02122018




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