Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is involved in operating The Milford Water Authority?

A.  The Authority operates 365 days a year. Tasks are varied and include:

  • Analyzing the water daily to meet Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) regulations.
  • Inspecting the plant water facilities, motors and pumps daily.
  • Repairing or replacing defective or broken curb boxes.
  • Maintaining 81 fire hydrants, involves flushing, weed control, maintaining access, snow removal.
  • Maintaining 238 valves and our 11-mile water main network.
  • Maintaining our plant and properties, water testing wells, etc.
  • Excavating and making new connections to our network of mains.
  • Handling emergencies 24/7 including:
  1. Water main breaks;
  2. Frozen and broken pipes;
  3. Leaky pipes;
  4. Power failures.
  • Completion of approximately 50 underground surveys per year that mark out the position of below ground utilities (water, electric, gas, lines, etc.) so that excavation can proceed safely without damage.
  • Assisting other township and borough departments with various jobs and tasks throughout the year.
  • Providing continuous inspection when new construction and developments are ongoing.
  • Assisting private contractors that need to work near our water mains network throughout the Townships and Milford Borough when they are unable to obtain immediate assistance.
  • Maintaining records, minutes and files required for Federal and State public water supply regulations.

Q.    What awards and recognition has the Authority received?

A.    The Authority received Pennsylvania Rural Water Association’s Water System of the Year Award in 2007.  In 2008 our Vice-Chairman, Thomas Hoff, was awarded Decision Maker of the Year Award again from Pennsylvania Rural Water Association.  In 2010 our Assistant Superintendent, Nick May, was awarded the Rookie Plant Operator of the Year Award again from Pennsylvania Rural Water Association and was acknowledged by a Certificate of Recognition from Senator Lisa Baker.

A.     In 2013, the Authority received a commendable rating (highest rating) from the DEP on its Tri-Annual filter plant performance evaluation completed in September.

A.     In 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Authority received DEP’s Area Wide Optimization Program Award for outstanding efforts towards optimizing filter plant performance.  The Authority was one of nine treatment plants recognized out of the 480 treatment plants in the State of Pennsylvania.

Q.    What were some major projects completed in the last year?

A.     The Authority personnel replaced 1,200 feet of 8″ cast iron water mains with 8″ C-900 plastic water pipe from the treatment plant to Pine Acres Drive.  This is the #2 feed to the town of Milford which allows the Authority to shut down one main for repairs while allowing the town to still have water.

The Authority had the outside of its 548,000 water storage tank painted as part of its on-going commitment to maintaining its system.

Q.    What about water quality?

A.    The Authority’s water quality tests exceed DEP requirements.  The employees of the Authority over the years have had a commitment to providing safe, clean and potable water.

  • The Authority fully complies with all Pennsylvania drinking water regulations.
  • We have installed three monitoring wells above our springs where we sample the groundwater quarterly. To reduce turbidity, we restored a sand pit above the groundwater channels that lead to our springs.
  • Currently we monitor in excess of the drinking water regulations for:
    • bacteriological
    • volatile organics
    • primary and secondary contaminants
  • On this website under CCR Report, is a copy of our annual report detailing the water quality of our system and other pertinent information about the Authority.

Q.   Does the Authority add fluoride to our water?

A.   No. The Authority does not add fluoride to its water; moreover DEP does not require that fluoride be added to drinking water.

Q. What Causes Frozen Pipes and/or Water Meters to Freeze?

A.  A combination of extreme cold temperatures and/or air movement.

Follow these tips to keep pipes and water meters from freezing:

  • Air movement is the biggest cause of frozen pipes and water meters besides extreme cold temperatures.
  • The best practice is to build a box or chase around the water meter and water lines by using heat tape then pipe insulation then fiberglass insulation.  Lastly, wrap with reflective insulation that comes in a roll.  This will seal water meters and water lines from the elements in unheated areas.
  • Seal any areas in your basement or crawl spaces where cold air or drafts get in near water meters or water lines.  This is typically found where stone foundations are used.
  • Make sure exterior windows and doors are properly sealed when located near pipes and water meters.
  • Use pipe insulation on pipes near exterior walls.
  • The use of heat tape around pipes and water meters work great if plugged in and working.
  • Please perform periodic inspections especially if the home or structure is vacant.

Q.  What are the homeowner’s responsibilities:

  • The homeowner is responsible for the service line supplying water to the home from the Authority’s water shut-off valve.  The Authority is responsible for the water main in the street/road and the service line to the Authority’s shut-off valve.  Any leaks on the property owner’s service line, is the responsibility of the owner to contact a plumber or contractor to have this repaired or replaced once they are notified that they have a leak.
  • The homeowner is responsible to protect the water meter from freezing.  If the water meter is damaged and needs replacement, the homeowner will be charged for the water meter and the time spent to replace it.  Please see question above for information on how to protect water meters from freezing.