Since 1824 – History of The Milford Water Authority and Predecessor Companies

#1 Spring from the early 1900’s

1824 – Milford was supplied with water from the Cold Spring Water Company, owned by James Barton, through hollow logs and wooden water mains.  Water bills at this time were $10 annually.

1849 – April 15 – The Milford Cold Spring Water Company was chartered.

1871The Milford Water Company was established and shares were sold to cover the purchase of the Milford Cold Spring Water Company.

1875The Milford Water Company purchased the open reservoirs of the Cold Spring Water Company from Sarah Crissman for $1,600, and installed the first cast iron water mains.  They also bought 28 acres of grounds including the springs and the reservoirs.  Today the water treatment plant is located on this property.

1887The Milford Water Company, The Fire Company and the Government of The Borough of Milford became involved in water disputes, known as the “Water Wars”,

1903The Milford Water Company bought additional ground from Lucy and Herbert King for $125.

1910The Milford Water Company prepared the first map showing the locations of their water mains, service connections, appurtenances and equipment.

1965 – The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Milford, also known as The Milford Water Authority or just The Authority was formed and purchased The Milford Water CompanyThe Authority floated a $205,000 bond to purchase and operate the water system.

1989, April 20The Authority and the Pike Environmental Defenders applied for and had the Sawkill Stream upgraded to an Exceptional Value Stream to protect the springs that are the source of our water.

2000, July 17The Authority had its new water treatment facility dedicated and put into service with a new 548,000-gallon water storage tank.  The plant replaced the open reservoirs that were used since the 1800s.  The Authority also replaced 10,000 feet of old water mains with 6-inch ductile iron pipe.

2000, December 10The Authority completed and implemented its Source Water Protection Plan funded by a $100,000 grant, and based on the report by consultant Todd Giddings, professional groundwater geologist.[1]

2005The Authority purchased 28 acres off of Schocopee Road to help protect the springs further with the help of grants from the Army Corps of Engineers, Delaware Conservation and Natural Resources, and the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

2007, SpringThe Authority replaced 10,500 feet of old water mains with 12-inch ductile iron pipe increasing pressure and fire protection in the Borough and surrounding townships.  The Authority also extended the water system by installing 5,280 feet of 12-inch water mains along Route 6/209 in Milford Township. This was completed with a grant from the Army Corps of Engineers.

2007, FallThe Authority replaced 1,200 feet of old water mains with 8-inch ductile iron pipe, and extended the system by 3,000 feet with 8-inch pipes to the Toll Bridge in Dingman Township.  The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission partially funded this project.

2010-2011 – The Authority replaced an additional 9,100 feet of 8″ water main funded by a $800,000 Environmental Protection Agency Grant and a $514,000 Grant funded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority.  The completion of this project puts the Authority at 85% of its water mains replaced in a 12-year time frame.

2012 – The Authority upgraded 4050′ of 6″ cast iron mains to 12″ ductile iron along West Harford and Broad Streets and 1800′ of 4″ cast iron to 8″ ductile iron mains along East Harford Street.  The Authority came in under budget on two previous projects and was allowed to use the remaining grant money for this project.  The Authority also took advantage of low interest rates to complete this project.  The completion of this project puts the Authority at 95% of its water mains replaced in 13 years.

The Authority sold its office building at 120 Pear Alley and built a new office at its treatment plant.  This finishes the Authority‘s five-year plan of having all of its operations under one roof.

2013 – The Authority upgraded all of its 740 water meters to magnetic flow technology.  The meters will give the Authority 20 years of guaranteed accuracy.  The meters also have the capability of radio read technology, which the Authority is employing on the outer fringes of its territory for safety reasons and ease of reading the meters.

The Authority joined the Pocono Source Water Collaborative to extend source water protection and education in the Pocono region.

2014 – The Authority purchased 14 additional acres of land which adjoins its land at it’s treatment plant facility.

The purchase of land strengthens the commitment of the Authority‘s Source Water Protection Program established in 2000.

The Authority extended its water mains another 1,100 feet to provide water and fire service into Westfall Township.  Three new fire hydrants were installed as part of the project.  An additional 64 new customers were added to the Authority‘s customer base.

The Authority, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service, completed a total upgrade on the Grey Towers’ facility owned by the U.S. Forest Service.  The upgrade included a new pump station, rehabilitation of their existing 25,000 gallon storage tank and installation of 1,415 feet of 4″ water mains.  This upgrade will bring the U.S. Forest Service water system up to DEP standards.  The project was funded by the U.S. Forest Service with the technical assistance of the Authority.

2016  The Authority personnel replaced 1,200 feet of 8″ cast iron water mains with 8″ C-900 plastic water pipe from the treatment plant to Pine Acres Drive.  This is the #2 feed to the town of Milford which allows the Authority to shut down one main for repairs while allowing the town to still have water.

The Authority had the outside of its 548,000 water storage tank painted as part of its on-going commitment to maintaining its system.

2017  Authority staff replaced another 900 feet of old 6″ cast iron water mains with 8″ C-900 plastic from Pine Acres Drive to Apple Valley Restaurant.  This completes the #2 water main replacement to town.

2018  Authority staff installed 79 storz fittings to all of its fire hydrants through a $10,902 grant from Local Share Account from the Commonwealth Financing Authority gaming funds.  This will allow the fire department easier hook up to the fire hydrants to fight fires.

The Authority rededicated the Authority’s treatment plant to Ronald A. Gregory. Ron Gregory was on the Authority’s board from 1991 to 2017. Of that, he was the Chairman for 22 years. Ron is descendant of Edith Gregory who served on the Milford Water Company’s board of directors before they sold it to the Milford Water Authority in 1965.

2021 The Authority will finish the last of the water main replacement on Foster Hill Road and on State Route 2001 (also known as Water St.). Three new  hydrants will be installed, so all of our customers will have fire protection. A new above ground pump station will be installed to replace the below ground one which was installed in 2000.

A second storage tank will be installed with inter-connecting pipe work. This will allow the Authority to perform maintenance on the existing tank.

The Authority has built a new filtration plant and replaced all of the old water mains. It has also expanded the system in the past 20 years with minimal cost to our customers.


[1] Giddings, Todd (2000) Milford Water Authority Source Water Protection Plan, Giddings Associates, State College, PA