Board Members


The Authority’s Board members serve for staggered 5-year terms.  The current Board includes members with extensive experience on the Authority and detailed knowledge of Milford and adjacent townships, as well as business and civil engineering professionals.

 Board Member  Position  Term Expires  Years Served
Bob Stewart Chairman 31-Dec-2020 9
 Scott Sheldon  Vice-Chairman  31-Dec-2018  18
 Ed Brylawski  Member  31-Dec-2019  12
 Michael Asimakopoulos  Assistant Treasurer  31-Dec-2021  4
  Russ Boronow  Assistant Secretary  31-Dec-2023  New Member


The Authority planted a cherry tree and monument as a dedication to Tom Hoff who served as a Board member and Vice-Chairman for over 14 years.  Pictured are Jean Hoff and Authority Chairman, Ronald Gregory.